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Inteli-Lift Dumbwaiters

The 75,125,250 LB Inteli-Lift CPLD dumbwaiter installation manual was designed to help you assemble and install your dumbwaiter in eight, easy to follow sections.

This straightforward step-by-step process will show you how to install all essential components of your new dumbwaiters system, such as the hoist-way. We also walk you through the correct motor assembly and machine access doors required for later access to the controller. Our dumbwaiter installation manual is concise and easy to follow, with many helpful features. Some include; several installation appendices, numerous reference images to help with ease of installation, and a troubleshooting guide, should you need the extra help.

The 300,500 LB Installation Manual Inteli-Lift CPLD dumbwaiter installation manual is a great guide to help walk you through the process of installing your new dumbwaiter system.

These dumbwaiters require a host of essential components and parts to function at its best, and our guide will take you through step-by-step how to meet the required dimensions and fit needed for proper dumbwaiter installation. In eight steps, our manual shows you how to best prep your space for your new dumbwaiter. Additionally, with the variety of reference images provided, our manual is easy to navigate, showing you how to set up everything from stabilizer rails to overhead motors. We designed our manuals to be easy to read, complete with a troubleshooting guide to help with any installation issues that may arise.

Pre – Year 2020 Dumbwaiter Manual

The installation manual for 75,125,250 LB Installation Manual Inteli-Lift GEN II aims to cover the entire installation procedure of your new dumbwaiter step-by-step.

The manual breaks down the installation process in eight steps, complete with reference images to aid in streamlining your experience. When it comes to dumbwaiters, it is crucial to properly prepare your space for dumbwaiters, from prepping the hoist-way to installing reinforced railings and motors. Prepping your space for dumbwaiters is an essential part of the installation process, and our guides are designed to walk you through each step in a way. Our installation manuals are formatted with easy-to-read headings and serve as a means to explain the role and importance of each component part of your new dumbwaiter so you can feel well informed about your new system.

The dumbwaiter installation manual for 300,500 LB Installation Manual Inteli-Lift Gen II covers the entire dumbwaiter installation process in eight steps.

Our guides are comprehensible, easy to navigate, and are full of reference images to help when installing your dumbwaiter. This manual shows you how to properly install the guide rail, overhead motors, emergency stop, and other features essential for proper dumbwaiter installation. Our installation manual also instructs you how to set up the main controller and keypad for your dumbwaiter. After reading our manual, you should feel well equipped to install your new system and have a basic understanding of how each component functions. Should you need extra assistance, our manual also has a troubleshooting section to eliminate any concerns you may have.

Inteli-Lift Installation Dumbwaiter Manual PRE – July 2013

In eight steps our 75, 125, 250 Lb. Installation Manual PLC up to 7-2013 dumbwaiter installation manual will show you how to properly install your brand-new dumbwaiter system.

As one of the easiest dumbwaiter systems, our guide was designed to be as streamlined as possible, filled with helpful reference photos along with many troubleshooting guides to make the dumbwaiter installation process smoother. From the installation of the roll pins to the wiring and setup of the controller, this exhaustive guide is designed to make the installation process easier and more timesaving. After reading our manual, you will feel ready to install your new dumbwaiter system and have a greater understanding of your new dumbwaiter.

Inteli-Lift / Econo-Lift Dumbwaiter Owners/Maintenance Manual

The 75, 100, 150, 125, 250, 300, 500 LB Inteli-Lift Owners Operating and Maintenance Manual is a good point of reference when it comes to keeping your dumbwaiter in peak condition.

As the best dumbwaiter on the market, this owner’s and maintenance manual is designed to teach you how to operate and run your dumbwaiter. The manual is easy to navigate and provides a good overview of the various appliances, equipment, and devices used to install and successfully operate your manual. To optimize the use of your dumbwaiter system, and maintain the safety of those using it, our manual aims to educate and equip you so you can understand the capabilities of your dumbwaiter or dumbwaiters.

Econo-Lift® Dumbwaiters

Our Econo-Lift Printed Circuit Board Installation Manual is designed to walk you through the installation of your new dumbwaiter system, including the circuit board.

Our installation manual provides a comprehensive look at the various features and components used to comprise your dumbwaiter system and is broken down into easy eight steps. The manual also includes easy-to-read headings to help you navigate. A wide variety of reference images are sprinkled throughout to help with the installation of certain features like the hoist-way and reinforced rail wall. Our installation manual provides a comprehensive look at the various features and components used to comprise your dumbwaiter or dumbwaiters.

Pre – Year 2020 Dumbwaiter Manual

The Econo-Lift Installation Manual was created to help you to both install and understand the functions of your new dumbwaiter system.

With a combination of reference images and diagrams, our installation manual was designed to be easy to read yet comprehensive, so you can confidently install key features like the control and keyboard so you can start using your new dumbwaiter or dumbwaiters as quickly as possible. The manual goes over how to install various components of the dumbwaiter system, from mounting the motor to wiring the control panel, and helps explain the functions of your new dumbwaiter. Dumbwaiters are intricate pieces of machinery and being able to understand the functionality of your new dumbwaiter system is essential in keeping it in peak condition.


We Have The Longest Warranty in the Industry. 3 Year Commercial and 5 Year Residential limited warranties. Dumbwaiters are built to last 25+ years.

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