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This is a long overdue thank you for your dumbwaiter we used in our residential project in Boston last year. The home owners simply love it, and use it even more than they expected.

The experience with E-I and Terry from Nationwide was wonderful.  The GC and I had been having a difficult time with a couple other companies stuck in their old ways and not willing to work with our tight site conditions. In fact, it was their unwillingness to help that lead me to you.  They didn’t want to spend time to answer my question and made me call their door manufacturer directly to get typical details. It was that person who ultimately suggested E-I.

You had a smart system and a new approach and solved our problem. I’m reluctant to tell you that you were almost half the price of the original dumbwaiter company and twice the product… and 3x the customer service. Don’t go raising your prices just because I said that.

I look forward to working again soon, and in the meantime I will continue to advocate for you both.

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