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Dumbwaiter Partners

Resources For Our Dumbwaiter Customers

Below you will find links to our network of Dumbwaiter partners.
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Abbey Home Elevator

An Abbey Dumbwaiter is a convenient, fully customizable, fully automated solution for moving groceries, packages, luggage, or laundry between different floors secured by interlocked gates.  We specialize in providing custom, state of the art residential and commercial elevator and dumbwaiter solutions to every access situation. We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible elevator and dumbwaiter products and services at the best possible price.

Accessibility Specialists of Florida

A locally owned and operated company serving the needs of the physically challenged community in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia since 1983. Our staff is factory trained and certified.  This includes installation and service on residential dumbwaiters and commercial dumbwaiters.

All-Island Elevator

All-Island Elevator Co. solves accessibility needs with residential and commercial elevators and dumbwaiter lifts. We are an authorized dealer for the leading elevator and dumbwaiter lift manufacturers in the industry.

Best Commercial Dumbwaiters

The commercial dumbwaiter industry has multiple manufacturers on the market today. When looking for a dumbwaiter manufacturer to go with it’s important that you take the time to research the product and company before you make your dumbwaiter purchase.

Champion Elevator

Champion Elevator Corp. is an independently owned, full-service dumbwaiter and elevator maintenance, repair, violation removal, and testing company. All services are provided throughout New York City’s five boroughs, Westchester, Nassau & Suffolk counties, as well as Connecticut.

DC Elevator

We are a regional market leader in dumbwaiters and elevators with a territory spanning roughly 500 miles.  We provide solutions for elevators and dumbwaiter installation, modernization, maintenance, and repair for a variety of vertical transportation and accessibility needs.

DME Elevators & Lifts

Proudly serving our customers for 44 years, DME Elevators & Lifts has the extensive knowledge and experience to provide you with the right dumbwaiter and elevator solutions. We are a full-service lift company, well versed in the various elevation choices. Look no further, we have the dumbwaiter and elevator answers for you.

Dumbwaiter Solutions

If you’re looking for a high quality dumbwaiter solution, you have found it.  We continue to innovate our dumbwaiter systems every day for commercial and residential uses.  We have the only fully UL rated dumbwaiter systems in the world.  We get four surprise visits from UL each year to ensure compliance with tested materials.  This equates to the highest quality, longest lasting dumbwaiter systems on the market.  Call for Info: 877-345-4387  Direct: 530-295-4900

Easy Lift Elevators

EazyLift® Elevators and dumbwaiters are a family owned business committed to providing practical solutions to accessibility issues. Built on experience since 1981 and a reputation for providing exceptional customer service, EazyLift® Elevators and dumbwaiters installs and services the world’s finest Residential Elevators & Dumbwaiters, Wheelchair Lifts, Stairway Chairlifts, and Accessibility Products.

Home Elevator of Texas

Home Elevator and dumbwaiters of Texas has been making new and existing structures attractive and accessible for over two decades. People across the state have benefited from the comfort and dependability our dumbwaiter and elevator products.

Idaho Custom Elevator

As a full service dumbwaiter and elevator company, Idaho Custom Lifts & Elevators LLC provides design, installation, service and maintenance for both residential and commercial dumbwaiters, elevators, stair lifts, wheelchair platform lifts, and freight lifts. Our expert experience, professionalism and integrity are what gives Idaho Custom Lifts & Elevator LLC a superior reputation.

Kafka Manufacturing Company

For nearly 100 years Kafka Manufacturing has been a leader in the elevator industry. From UL rated dumbwaiter hoistway doors to upscale passenger cabs, Kafka continues to expand and climb high. Nothing is off-limits to our advanced metal shop and experienced craftsmen. We are experienced in repairing and rebuilding decades old dumbwaiter and elevator equipment.  We are the oldest dumbwaiter door manufacturer in the USA.

Liftek Elevator

Liftek is an independent elevator and dumbwaiter company that provides knowledgeable and safe elevator and dumbwaiter maintenance, repair, modernization’s and installations of residential and commercial elevators, dumbwaiters and wheelchair lifts.

Mobility Concepts INC

At Mobility Concepts we pride ourselves on delivering quality elevator and dumbwaiters built to last.  We have been in business since 1996 and have an established track record as one of the top residential elevator and dumbwaiter companies in the Pacific Northwest.

Mowrey Elevator

Established in 1976, Mowrey Elevator has grown to become a leading dumbwaiter and elevator provider across the Southeast region of the U.S. We have designed, manufactured, and installed more than 15,000 dumbwaiters and elevators for all types of commercial buildings and private residences. We provide installation and service of elevators as well as dumbwaiters, wheelchair lifts, and stair lifts. Whether you’re looking for an elevator company in Miami, Tampa, Pensacola, Mobile, Montgomery, Atlanta, or beyond, we can help.


Our members rely on us to provide them with the elevator, dumbwaiter and lift training and information they need to develop successful businesses and customer relationships.  We offer a unique opportunity to partner together with others throughout the elevator, dumbwaiter and lift  industry, allowing members access to group research and experience.  The result? The ability to work more economically, efficiently and successfully.

Nationwide Lifts

With our wide network of offices across the U.S. and a huge selection of elevators and dumbwaiters for sale, there’s no need to hunt around for “elevator / dumbwaiter companies near me”: You can count on Nationwide Lifts to deliver high-quality elevator and dumbwaiter lifts along with expert installation and great service. Whether you need a new dumbwaiter lift or elevator or just want to have your existing elevator or dumbwaiter lift inspected or repaired, we have the experience to do the job right. Contact us today and we can walk you through the process of implementing an elevator or dumbwaiter on your property and provide a completely free quote. It’s never been easier to buy dumbwaiters or elevators!

R&R Mobility

R&R Mobility Solutions – Contractors and sellers of residential, commercial, dumbwaiter, cargo and handicapped elevators in Puerto Rico. We also sell lift chairs, vertical and inclined lift platforms. We offer you preventive and corrective maintenance service on dumbwaiters and elevators. We are a purely Puerto Rican company with over 14 years serving the people of Puerto Rico. Juan Rivera the owner and founder of R&R Mobility Solutions after 9 years working for Otis Elevator the company delivering quality elevators and dumbwaiters to his customers.

Residential Elevator Service

Residential Elevator Service uses only the highest quality products such as dumbwaiter systems from Elevation Innovation, which is the only fully UL certified dumbwaiter manufacturer in the world.  The commercial and residential dumbwaiters are the highest quality dumbwaiter lifts on the market.

Rolin’ Along Inc

Rollin’ Along Inc. offers a wide variety of mobility assistance solutions to the San Francisco Bay Area.  We are VA Ready and C11 Certified for commercial lift installations in the state of California.

Shenandoah Elevator

Shenandoah Elevator and dumbwaiter is proud to be a family operated company based out of the Shenandoah Valley. We are proud to employ only the finest, highly skilled and properly licensed technicians to install commercial and residential dumbwaiters elevators as well as mobility products such as wheelchair lifts and stair-lifts. In addition to installations we provide other services such as modernization, maintenance, and repairs on all types of equipment including dumbwaiters. With over 50 years of experience in the elevator and dumbwaiter business, we are proud to provide our customers with a peace of mind you won’t get anywhere else. At Shenandoah Elevator and dumbwaiter our goal is to treat every customer like they deserve and make them feel like they are part of the family.

Sturm Elevator Inc

For over 100 years the professional team at Sturm Elevator, Inc. has provided the highest level of service, quality and value to our residential and commercial elevator and dumbwaiter customers. We offer professional elevator and dumbwaiter solutions like maintenance and repair services for both commercial and residential elevators and dumbwaiters. We also offer installation of residential elevators, dumbwaiters, stairlifts, chairlifts and more. Before you think about selling your multi-story residence, ask us about the mobility options and solutions we can provide for your home. Sturm Elevator has been providing reliable elevator and dumbwaiter service and workmanship since 1909. We serve our customers throughout the entire state of Oregon!

Total Access LLC

Total Access, LLC are local accessibility experts that sell and service wheelchair lifts, residential elevators, LU/LA  elevators, dumbwaiters, chairlifts and more throughout Connecticut.

Virginia Home Elevator

We have installed hundreds of home elevators, home stairlifts, wheelchair lifts, vertical and inclined platform lifts, and dumbwaiters in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  We are a privately owned and operated elevator and dumbwaiter company with headquarters right here in Virginia.

Our dumbwaiter partners are an integral part of our dumbwaiter distribution network. Elevation Innovation Inc. has been building dumbwaiter systems since 2005. When we first started, we had a single dealer selling our systems. Today we have over 200 active dumbwaiter dealers in our network and growing. However not all dealers are internet partners. We continue to build on our internet partners as time goes on.

As of 2021 we have dumbwaiters in over 25 countries around the world. The fact that we have the only fully certified dumbwaiter in the world has helped with global distribution. Architects, building owners, contractors and more specify our products globally. This organic growth of dumbwaiter dealers and internet partners has added to our current success. We strive to build the best dumbwaiters available on the planet. As we continue to evolve our products, we strive to use the best components available from around the world.

With our in-house dumbwaiter design team, we continue to develop the highest quality longest lasting systems on the market. In 2020 we began using complex programable logic device technology utilized by the military of governments worldwide. Our custom CPLD dumbwaiter electronics that run on Xilinx chips and use schematic based programs with no software, have proven to be the most reliable systems we have ever released. In the past we have used several off the shelf PLC microprocessor systems. In 2012 we released our custom dumbwaiter electronics known as the GEN II system. Although we had great success, the microprocessor-based systems always had hidden bugs that were impossible to solve. With the release of the CPLD dumbwaiter electronics we have finally overcome the software problems.

Within our relatively short 16 year dumbwaiter manufacturing life, we have evolved our dumbwaiter systems into a fine tuned production machine. Our dealer network and internet partners continue to grow giving us a strong foothold in the industry. When we started in the dumbwaiter business back in 2005, we had three weight categories for our dumbwaiter systems. 70, 125- and 250-pound units. As of 2021 we are up to seven weight categories and two distinct systems and two separate product models. Our light duty residential dumbwaiter systems known as the Econo-Lift® a registered trademark of Elevation Innovation Inc. is available in a 100- and 150-pound system and good for up to four floors. The Econo-Lift® was introduced in early 2012 as a more economical dumbwaiter system as a means to go head to head with inexpensive internet-based dumbwaiter systems. However, our Econo-Lift® dumbwaiter system is a high-quality product at an exceptional price point. This top of the line residential dumbwaiter system uses the same components as our 250 lb. commercial grade systems. The goal was to create a dumbwaiter system at a competitive price point, with the highest quality components available. The Econo-Lift® dumbwaiter systems have been a great success. With numerous multi-unit dumbwaiter projects around the country and soon to be around the world, our dealers have a high quality, long lasting dumbwaiter system they can count on and sell with confidence.

Anyone that is searching for a quality dumbwaiter system for there home, condo, townhouse or condominium will be very satisfied with this workhorse residential dumbwaiter product. During there initial search we point out to them that they should compare all the important components that make up the systems. When they compare the dumbwaiter critical components of our Econo-Lift® against any of the competitive products in the marketplace, it makes their decision an easy one. Hands down there is no comparison to the components we use. All of our dumbwaiter systems utilize Bauer three phase gear-motors manufactured in Germany. Our residential Econo-Lift® dumbwaiter systems use the same commercial grade eight-wheel trolley and guide rail system as all of our 250 Lb. and below commercial grade dumbwaiter systems. These commercial grade dumbwaiter systems are designed to run 300+ trips a day in places like very busy restaurants. This type of application can subject our systems to 110,000+ trips annually. Giving the average home owner who runs their dumbwaiter system 200 – 300 trips annually confidence there systems will last a life time. All of our past dumbwaiter systems can easily be upgraded to todays standards for continued trouble-free service.

Bi-Part-Halo-call-stationThe heavy-duty dumbwaiter systems we have developed in 2008 that continue to evolve consist of the 300 and 500 Lb. weight categories. The Inteli-Lift systems are mainly for commercial heavy-duty use but can be installed in a residential application as well. These dumbwaiter systems allow for larger and heavier items to be moved in a residential or commercial setting. The Inteli-Lift 300 and 500 Lb. systems and the lighter duty 125 and 250 Lb. systems are both available to travel up to 75’ and up to nine floors. Elevation Innovation dumbwaiter systems can travel more floors and more elevation than any other manufacturer in the USA and Canada. Our dumbwaiters also have the ability to fit in smaller hoist-ways and travel more distance than any other manufacturer. The 300 and 500 Lb. systems utilize a very custom 6061 Tl aluminum guide rail system that has very unique built in electrical chase ways. These chase ways were designed to replicate Unistrut. Unistrut mounting hardware is used to install all the limit switches on the rail for controlling the dumbwaiter. This custom dumbwaiter rail systems speeds up the installation process by having built in electrical conduit chase ways. This minimizes the time it takes for conduiting the project to meet code.

Our dumbwaiter dealer network and internet partners continue to grow in a steady organic fashion. Slow and steady wins the race. We truly appreciate all of our clients and will continue to service them with quality and timely delivery of all products. We thank each one of you for continuing to support our brand and helping us grow in this amazing industry.


We Have The Longest Warranty in the Industry. 3 Year Commercial and 5 Year Residential limited warranties. Dumbwaiters are built to last 25+ years.

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Restaurant Dumbwaiter System Includes:

  • Guide rail, opposite guide rail & trolley assembly
  • Motor/gear assembly
  • Dumb waiter cab
  • Intelligent dumb waiter controller
  • i3 – Innovation Industries Inc. Call / Send commercial grade fixtures built for 1,000,000 + cycles
  • Interlocks with pre-wired wire harnesses
  • Limit switches
  • Dumb waiter Assembly hardware
  • Dumb waiter Installation Manual
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