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UL Certified Dumbwaiter - Advanced Dumbwaiter Technology

Commercial & Residential Dumbwaiter Systems

Residential Systems:

The Econo-Lift® Dumbwaiter System.

The highest quality residential dumbwaiter on the market. Safety for your family and friends is at the top of our list.

Commercial and Residential Dumbwaiter Systems

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Econo- Lift® residential dumbwaiter system

Fully Underwriters Laboratory Certified Dumbwaiters

Our dumbwaiter systems have been tested by UL to meet ASME A17.1 and CSA-B44.  This ensures we meet all building and safety codes.  As a result, all lifts exceed the national code for dumbwaiters.  We are certified for the USA and Canada!   

We have the only fully UL certified dumbwaiters in the world UL file # SA32120.

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youtube-logo-square  Inteli-Lift GEN II Commercial and Residential Systems


The Inteli-Lift system is for commercial and high end residential applications serving up to six floors.  The Econo- Lift® is a high quality residential system that serves up to three floors (see the Econo- Lift® page).

Standard Features of the Inteli-Lift System:

  • Intelligent commercial electronic controller with text display and variable frequency drive
  • VFD variable frequency drive gives complete motor control and protection and coverts 115V power into 230V 3 phase
  • Soft start and soft stop
  • Digital LED call / sends – Programmable, LED can stay on or turn off
  • Floor indicator, travel direction indicator, in use and arrival lights
  • Programmable arrival buzzer (can be turned off)
  • Stainless steel or mild steel one piece cab
  • Custom aluminum rail system
  • Maintenance free 3 phase Bauer motor/gear assembly, built in Germany
  • Safety devices including slack cable, final top limit, and sling type “A” safety brake system
  • Interlock door safety devices, UL Certified
  • 75, 100, 125, 150 or 250 Lb capacity (Fully UL Certified)
  • 30 fpm rated commercial dumbwaiter speed (50 fpm available)
  • Economical, reliable cable drive
  • Travel up to 75 feet and 6 stops 
  • 115V or 230V Commercial dumbwaiter operation single phase or three phase 50/60 Hz.
  • Roll up, bi-parting or slide up gate systems
  • Restaurants – Additional car here LED – position anywhere for servers or staff to see the unit is at their floor
  • Made in the USA

Commercial / Residential Dumbwaiter Systems Include:

  • Guide rail, opposite guide rail & sling assembly
  • Motor/gear assembly
  • Dumbwaiter cab – one piece
  • Intelligent dumb waiter controller with LCD screen and cat 5 interface
  • Digital call / sends with LCD display – floor indicator / direction of travel / car here signal and arrival buzzer
  • Interlocks with pre-wired cat 5 harnesses
  • Limit switches – pre wired
  • Traveling cable – pre wired
  • Dumb waiter Assembly hardware
  • Dumb waiter Installation and owners manual / job specific drawing / warranty info

Commercial / Residential Dumbwaiter Optional Features:

  • Pre-Hung swing dumb waiter doors 90 minute rated stainless steel
  • Bi-parting or slide up 90 minute rated stainless or mild steel dumb waiter doors
  • Cab configurations including same side and front / and 90*
  • 230 Volt 50/60 Hz dumb waiter operation
  • 24 Volt LED car light remotely located to alert staff
  • Remote 24V car here device of choice
  • Electrical disconnect.

We Have The Longest Dumbwaiter Warranty in the Industry


  • 3 / 5 Year limited warranty on all systems.  Commercial (3 year)  and  Residential (5 year).
  • Units are built to last 25+ years with standard inspection and maintenance.  (lifting cable inspection and replacement)

lady m dumbwaiter yacht

Inteli-Lift Pro Three stop system installed on the Lady M Yacht by Palmer Johnson

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