Dumbwaiter SYSTEMS - Commercial & Residential

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The Econo-Lift® Dumbwaiter System.

The most economical, highest quality residential dumbwaiter on the market. Safety for your family, friends and co-workers is at the top of our list.

Commercial and Residential Dumbwaiter systems

Be sure to choose a commercial and residential dumbwaiter for your project that has been evaluated by a third party “recognized” testing facility to ensure compliance with building and safety codes.

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youtube-logo-square  Inteli-Lift GEN II Fully UL Rated Dumbwaiter system


The Inteli-Lift & Econo- Lift® commercial and residential dumbwaiters are the only fully UL certified dumbwaiter in the world, UL# SA32120. The Inteli-Lift Dumbwaiter is an economical motorized dumbwaiter available in four standard sizes (custom sizes available upon request). Easy to install, the Inteli-Lift Dumbwaiter is offered as a complete system. This is usually installed by the contractor in under 1 day. The Inteli-Lift dumbwaiter from Elevation Innovation incorporates technology for ease of installation, usage, and maintenance. The controller has an LCD display, a one-of-a-kind feature. The LCD indicates the current dumbwaiter operation and assists with troubleshooting. The electrical components are all pre-wired for ease of installation. Cat 5 connectors are used to tie the components to the controller with one data line for all floors.  Commercial and residential dumbwaiter systems for unlimited uses.

Standard Features:

  • Intelligent dumbwaiter controller with text display
  • Digital Call / Send Keypad with Floor Indicator,Travel Direction & Optional Buzzer
  • Finished birch cab with dovetailed joints
  • Commercial grade rail/trolley system
  • Maintenance free motor/gear assembly
  • Safety devices including slack cable, final limit, and trolley brake
  • Interlock door safety devices (locks doors when dumbwaiter is at other levels)
  • 75 lb, 125 lb, 250 lb or 500lb capacity
  • 30 fpm rated speed (50fpm available)
  • Economical, reliable cable drive
  • Travel up to 55 feet and 6 stops
  • 115V dumbwaiter operation (208V / 230V available)
  • Roll up gate / Bi-Parting gate available

Optional Features:

  • Pre-Hung Doors (stain grade birch)
  • Stainless Steel doors in Bi-Parting, Slide Up and Swing
  • Cab configurations including front/back and (90 degree up to 250 lb)
  • 240 Volt 50Hz dumbwaiter operation

Dumbwaiter Systems Include:

  • Guide rail & trolley assembly
  • Motor/gear assembly
  • Dumbwaiter cab
  • Intelligent dumbwaiter controller
  • Call stations with Cat 5 harnesses
  • Interlocks with pre-wired Cat 5 harnesses
  • Limit switches with pre-wired harnesses
  • Dumbwaiter Assembly hardware
  • Dumbwaiter Installation manual
  • Elevation Innovation, Inc. provides a 12 /24 month limited warranty on all commercial and residential dumbwaiter systems.

Choose Quality and Professionalism; Choose Elevation Innovation Inc. UL Certified Dumbwaiters