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Dumbwaiter Systems - Commercial & Residential Dumbwaiters

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The Econo-Lift® Dumbwaiter System.

The most economical, highest quality residential dumbwaiter on the market. Safety for your family, friends and co-workers is at the top of our list.

Commercial and Residential Dumbwaiter Systems

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Econo- Lift® residential motorized dumbwaiter systems

Fully UL Certified Commercial and Residential Dumbwaiters

Be sure to choose a commercial or residential dumbwaiter system for your project that has been evaluated by a third party “recognized” testing facility to ensure compliance with building and safety codes.  Our commercial and residential motorized systems exceed the ASME A17.1 safety codes.

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The Inteli-Lift & Econo- Lift® commercial and residential motorized systems are the only fully UL certified dumbwaiter in the world, UL# SA32120.  Certified for the USA to ASME A17.1 &A17.5 and Canada CSA B44 and CSA B44.1-11 Elevator and Escalator Safety Codes.  The Inteli-Lift system is an economical motorized system available in five standard sizes (custom sizes available upon request). Easy to install, the Inteli-Lift & Econo- Lift® systems are offered as a complete system. This is usually installed by the contractor in under 1 day. The Inteli-Lift system from Elevation Innovation incorporates technology for ease of installation, usage, and maintenance. The controller has an LCD display, a one-of-a-kind feature. The LCD indicates the current operation and assists with troubleshooting. The electrical components are all pre-wired for ease of installation. Cat 5 connectors are used to tie the components to the controller with one data line for all floors.  Commercial and residential systems for unlimited uses.  Systems up to six stops.

Standard Features:

  • Intelligent controller with text display with text display and variable frequency drive
  • Soft start and soft stop
  • Digital Call / Send Keypad with Floor Indicator,Travel Direction & Optional Buzzer
  • Finished birch cab with dovetailed joints
  • Commercial grade rail/trolley system
  • Maintenance free motor/gear assembly
  • Safety devices including slack cable, final limit, and trolley brake
  • Interlock door safety devices (locks doors when dumbwaiter is at other levels)
  • 75 lb, 125 lb, 250 lb, 300lb or 500lb capacity
  • 30 fpm rated speed (50fpm available)
  • Economical, reliable cable drive
  • Travel up to 75 feet and 6 stops
  • 115V operation (208V / 230V available)
  • Roll up gate / Bi-Parting gate available

Optional Features:

  • Pre-Hung Doors 20 minute fire rated (stain grade birch standard) Oak, Mahogany, Cherry and other species
  • Stainless Steel doors in Bi-Parting, Slide Up and Swing
  • Cab configurations including same side, front/back and 90 degree
  • 240 Volt 50Hz dumbwaiter operation
  • Electrical Disconnect

Dumbwaiter Systems Include:

  • Guide rail opposite guide rail & trolley assembly
  • Motor/gear assembly
  • Cab with integrated gate system
  • Intelligent microprocessor / relay logic controllers
  • Call / send stations with Cat 5 harnesses
  • Interlocks with pre-wired Cat 5 harnesses
  • Limit switches with pre-wired harnesses
  •  Assembly hardware
  • Installation manual
  • 3 / 5 Year limited warranty on all dumbwaiter systems.  Commercial (3 year)  –  Residential (5 year).
  • Units are built to last 25+ years with standard maintenance.  (lifting cable inspection and replacement)

Choose Quality and Professionalism; Choose Elevation Innovation Inc. UL Certified Dumbwaiters  

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Inteli-Lift Pro Three stop system installed on the Lady M Yacht by Palmer Johnson