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Commercial & Residential Dumbwaiters

Residential Systems:

The Econo-Lift® Dumbwaiter System.

The highest quality residential dumbwaiter on the market. Safety for your family and friends is at the top of our list.

Commercial and Residential Dumbwaiter Systems

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Econo- Lift® residential system

Fully Underwriters Laboratory Certified Dumbwaiters

Our systems have been tested by UL to meet ASME A17.1 and B44.  This ensures we meet all building and safety codes.  As a result all lifts exceed the national code for dumbwaiters.  We have the safest lifts on the market due to our testing and R&D.  Most of all we are certified for the USA and Canada!  As a result of our certifications we have full international acceptance.  

We also have the only fully UL certified dumbwaiters in the world UL file # SA32120.  Certified for the USA and Canada.

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youtube-logo-square  Inteli-Lift GEN II Commercial and Residential Systems


Nationwide Dealer Network.

The Most Advanced Electronics And Design On The Market.  

State Of The Art Motor Control And Protection.

Make your home and or place of business safer.  Our dumbwaiters are easy to fit into most homes and businesses.  We also specialize in custom projects in addition to multi units.  Commercial, Industrial, and Residential lifts up to 6 stories.  Worldwide lift installations.  If you have questions, call us because we have answers.  

We have the longest industry warranty

We Only Make Dumbwaiter Systems

We Have Unmatched Customer Service Before and After The Sale

  • 3 / 5 Year limited warranty on all systems.  Commercial (3 year)  and  Residential (5 year).
  • Units are built to last 25+ years with standard inspection and maintenance.  (lifting cable inspection and replacement)

lady m dumbwaiter yacht

Inteli-Lift Pro Three stop system installed on the Lady M Yacht by Palmer Johnson