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When we remodeled our home a few years ago, we added a deck and wet bar on the second floor but retained our galley style kitchen on the first floor.  An obvious improvement was to use a dumb waiter to send the snacks and beverages to the second floor and use it to return the glasses and dishes to the kitchen.  We also added a natural gas BBQ on the deck and the dumb waiter has been great for sending food back and forth.  We also use it to send laundry to and from the machines on the first floor to our bedroom on the second floor.

I ordered matching doors from the same cabinet company that built our kitchen, wet bar and bathroom installations.  My contractor built the hoistway to your specifications and I installed the parts.  The only problem I experienced, not clear in the instructions,  was understanding that the Honeywell interlocks had to be in the installed vertical position to work, a telephone call to you cleared everything up and since then, the system has performed flawlessly. 

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