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Dumbwaiter FAQ

Is Your Dumbwaiter Hard to Install?

This is the easiest dumbwaiter on the market to install, this is a key money saving factor over the competition. Our residential dumbwaiter and commercial dumbwaiters are easy to instal and we stand by our products with helpful advice.


What is the Average Dumbwaiter Install Time?

A two stop dumbwaiter unit with doors complete on average takes 6 hours with only one man. If at any time you have questions about your dumbwaiter installation please give us a call.


Is there any electrical wiring required?

No, all connections are pre wired at the factory with quick connectors. All of our dumbwaiters are made with ease of use and install in mind.


Where is the Dumbwaiter Motor and Drive System Located?

The standard motor location is at the bottom of the shaft, bolted to the load bearing wall support. Other locations available.


Does the Dumbwaiter System Meet My Local Codes?

Yes, all dumbwaiter safety devices are included, slack cable sensor, upper final limit switch, door interlocks and emergency trolly brake are included. We gave our dumbwaiter products a lot of thought to make sure they are safe and easy to install. Fully Underwrites Laboratory (UL) certified file #SA32120


Are Permits Required for Residential Dumbwaiters or Commercial Dumbwaiters?

You must check with your local building department.


What are the Maintenance Requirements for Dumbwaiters?

All of our residential and commercial dumbwaiter products are built to last. However it is advisable to inspect them from time to time. Maintenance is minimal, annual inspection of drive system and cable assembly including the sheave assembly.


What is the Speed of the Dumbwaiter?

Our Dumbwaiters are 30 feet per minute standard, 50 feet per minute optional. 300 / 500Lb units are standard at 50 feet per minute travel speed.


How Many Floors Can Your Dumbwaiters Serve?

Our dumbwaiters can safely serve 9 floors.


What is the Maximum Travel for Your Dumbwaiters?

Our residential and commercial dumbwaiters have a maximum travel of up to 75 feet.


Can There be Two Doors Open on Your Dumbwaiter at the Same Floor?

Yes, we do offer dumbwaiters where this is possible, there is an up-charge for this feature. Give us a call and we will be happy to help you get the right dumbwaiter for your application.


Will the Dumbwaiter Doors Open if the Car is Not at That Floor?

No, there are safety interlocks and the dumbwaiter door will not open until the car is at that location. All of our dumbwaiter products are built with safety and ease of use in mind.


Do the dumbwaiters come with hoist-way doors?

Doors can be provided with a 20 minute or 90 minute fire rating for an additional up-charge, or you can provide your own doors.


What is the Shipping Time After Ordering?

Standard dumbwaiter units ship in 1-2 weeks and custom orders can take 2-4 weeks to ship. We will keep you informed on your dumbwaiter order all along the way and are happy to provide you with estimated delivery times.


What is the Dumbwaiter Warranty?

There is a three year commercial & five year residential limited warranty – we pride ourselves in providing longest dumbwaiter warranty in the industry.


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