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Dumbwaiter News and Information

August 2021 – Modernization of two Seven Stop 1927 Otis Dumbwaiters

The Forum Building in Harrisburg Pennsylvania gets a $90M makeover.  This includes Elevation Innovation Inc. reviving two of the six seven stop dumbwaiters with new motors, sheave pulleys, lifting cables and CPLD electronics.  The dumbwaiter call send stations were made from solid cast brass that we had bead blasted and powder coated to the green color of their choice.  The whole dumbwaiter building crew at EII enjoyed revitalizing these dumbwaiter systems.  We have really stepped up our modernization game and look forward to the challenges of future modernization projects.

Q2 2021 – Tough Business Environment for all, Labor & Material Shortage

Dumbwaiter manufacturing is a challenge.  As a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, we have all experienced unprecedented price increases on just about everything it takes to manufacture.  Material shortages, extremely long lead times and lack people to fill positions across the country.  We have been working very hard to keep ahead of the curve on everything we require to manufacture our dumbwaiter systems.  For the first time in our dumbwaiter history we have been forced to raise prices in the middle of the year, and only guarantee our dumbwaiter quotes for 30 days.

Q1 2021 Savaria chooses Elevation Innovation Inc. as their Dumbwaiter Supplier

Savaria, a publicly traded Canadian accessibility company with a strong presence in North America and Australia has chosen Elevation Innovation Inc. as their sole dumbwaiter supplier for all commercial and residential dumbwaiter systems.  This includes all their satellite direct offices across the United States.  Savaria continues to diversify their accessibility products by acquiring quality accessibility manufacturers and elevator / dumbwaiter contractors both in the US, Canada and abroad.  Elevation Innovation Inc. a fully certified dumbwaiter manufacturer is proud to be chosen by such a high quality and well-respected company.

December 2020 – Changing from UL – Underwriters Laboratory to Intertek – ETL

We made the decision in December 2020 to change our third-party dumbwaiter certification company from UL to ETL.  We have been the only fully UL certified dumbwaiter company in the world to meet and exceed the ASME A17.1 and CSA B44 elevator codes.  This is not a requirement to sell dumbwaiters, however we decided to go the extra mile in 2006 and get our 250lb and below dumbwaiter systems evaluated by UL to meet the elevator standards and certify our dumbwaiter systems.  After battling with UL for the last 15 years, they have become very difficult and extremely expensive to work with.  As an example of the straw that broke the camel’s back, we attempted to have UL modify our dumbwaiter evaluation reports for some end of life products.  The variable frequency drives we use to run our dumbwaiter systems were being phased out for the newer updated and fully UL listed models.  One would think this would be a simple clerical change to the reports (as it is) however Underwriters Laboratory wanted us to pay them $20,000+ for the changes.  This comes after we had to already educate UL on the new Canadian elevator and dumbwaiter electronic controller codes that require the use of fully redundant control systems.  We had sold several dumbwaiters for commercial use in Canada and suddenly they would not pass the new codes.  We invested over $30,000 in research and development along with Canadian elevator consultants to re-design the dumbwaiter control systems to meet the new codes.  When we approached UL to inform them they approved our systems for the US and Canada and they no longer meet the code, they were at a loss for an explanation.  We educated them on the new dumbwaiter / elevator standards and the devices it required to meet them.  UL had no choice but to modify our two files with the updated components required to meet the new code.  They had to do the clerical changes at no cost to us.  It seems that UL wants to be paid back for not keeping up on the standards required to meet the dumbwaiter and elevator code.  Unfortunately, Elevation Innovation Inc. finds UL’s excessive fee’s as nothing more than a form of legal extortion.  Starting in Q4 of 2021 we will begin using the ETL Intertek marks on all of our fully certified systems and electronic controllers for all dumbwaiter systems.

March 2020 NAEC Mainline Newsletter – Member Spotlight – Elevation Innovation

January 2020 CPLD Electronics

Elevation Innovation Inc continues to innovate our dumbwaiter systems on a nonstop research and development mission.  Beginning in January 2020 we introduced our 3rd generation of custom in house electronics.  After eight months of development we released our CPLD (Complex Programmable Logic device), a solid-state relay logic dumbwaiter control system.  We had great success with the GEN II microprocessor system we introduced in 2013.  This system was a fast installation dumbwaiter system with one cat 5 cable from floor to floor.  However, as time went on we experienced problems with the system that the design engineers could not pinpoint and solve.  They showed up in only about 5% of dumbwaiter field installations, but that was still unacceptable.  So we went back in time for a proven schematic based CPLD solid state control system used by military still to this day.  The success of the systems has been awesome, with zero issues.  Our goal for our dumbwaiter systems has always been to have flawless performance and zero call backs to resolve issues.  Our new dumbwaiter controls have shown the best results of all our control systems.  Relay logic has always been a proven dependable old-school rock-solid control system.  With the Xylinx CPLD schematic based chips giving us a solid-state relay logic platform, we are now able to have our dumbwaiter systems travel up to nine floors with a compact dumbwaiter controller.  We have designed three CPLD dumbwaiter control PCB boards, a 2/3 stop, a 4, 5 and 6 stop board and a 7, 8 and 9 stop dumbwaiter control board.  We can run two doors at each level, up to 18 door openings.  All systems come with an “In Use” and “Car Here” LED indicator as well as an arrival buzzer with optional additional “Car Here” lights or other 24vdc devices.  These have proven to be a must have item for our restaurant dumbwaiters.  The additional “Car Here” indicator can be placed in a discrete location that the restaurant servers can see from the main dining area.  This alerts them that the dumbwaiter is on their floor with hot food, increasing the efficiency of the restaurant, and keeping happy customers.

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