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Inteli-Lift CPLD Solid State Relay Logic Electronic Systems


Inteli-Lift CPLD Solid State Relay Logic Electronic Systems

Introducing The New CPLD Solid State Relay Logic Nine Stop Controls:

Here is a comparison set of pictures, first is the new three stop CPLD Controller, followed by the old school relay logic systems we will be replacing. Both systems deliver rock solid reliability and performance.  Every controller we build has a “Variable  Frequency Drive” giving soft start and soft stop, as well as full motor protection and control.  These VFD drives coupled with our three phase motors from Germany give every system we make a high end commercial elevator grade controller / motor package.  The VFD drive takes in 120 volt, 1 phase power from a standard household or business and converts the power to 230 volt, 3 phase power.  Compare the heart of our dumbwaiter system to our competition and you will see there is NO competition.  Lifetime dumbwaiter performance is our goal.  That is why we offer the longest residential and commercial dumbwaiter warranty in the industry.  The CPLD system is now shipping and available for up to nine floors with a front and rear door at each level.


CPLD Solid State Relay Logic Designed for 20+ year Life Cycle

No software, the CPLD is a technology used by the military to deliver a rock solid control system using a Xilinx chip and a schematic based logic program. These CPLD boards are designed to run for 20+ years. Our CPLD systems (complex programmable logic device) will be a control choice on any dumbwaiter system we offer. Up to nine floors with a front and rear door option at each level. This will expand the capabilities of the Econo-Lift® system up to four floors.

LED Monitored Safeties, Manual Movement & Non Interrupt Time Delay

The LED’s monitor the safety circuits of the system including doors, gates, slack cable, final limits, the VFD drive and redundant contactors BK for the motor brake system, M1 and M2 for redundant motor monitoring including phase reversal protection. The up / down buttons are for manual movement of the dumbwaiter during installation. You can also connect any call / send station and use level 1 button for down movement and level 2 button for up movement. This is a temporary constant pressure run system. You must use the “Safe Override” slide switch for this feature. The system will not run in automatic mode in this state. Also there is a selectable non interrupt time delay rotary switch. This will keep the system from being called for a selectable amount of time for 0 – 80 seconds (custom timing is available).

Commercial 90 minute fire rated slide up and bi-parting door systems available with ” i3″ Innovation Industries Inc. Call / Send Fixtures with “In Use” and “Car Here” Lights.

Our goal at Elevation Innovation is to build long lasting trouble free dumbwaiter systems. We strive to continue to evolve our systems to be the best and most advanced in the industry. We encourage all input from elevator contractors, field techs in particular to help produce a top rated product. Our technical service department is there for you. We go the extra mile when requested. We offer after hours and weekend tech support. Please call with any questions or concerns on new or existing systems.




LED’s Up/Down – Timer




We Have The Longest Warranty in the Industry. 3 Year Commercial and 5 Year Residential limited warranties. Dumbwaiters are built to last 25+ years.

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