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Inteli-Lift Dumbwaiters

Inteli-Lift Dumbwaiter | 75LB

Each one of our dumbwaiter models is made to meet the specific needs of different industries and individuals, and each model comes with custom design specifications.

This PDF lists the specs of our Inteli-Lift 75 model.  Factors like speed, size, materials, and controls characteristic of this particular dumbwaiter model are included. This model, designed to withstand 75 pounds, is one of the many models available at Elevation Innovation.

Inteli-Lift Dumbwaiter | 125LB

Below are the design specifications of our Inteli-Lift CPLD 125 dumbwaiter model designed to carry up to 125 pounds

At Elevation Innovation, we want to help you make the most informed decision for your business or residence, and these design spec sheets are a concise way to provide you with a list of important factors like speed, power, and design. When choosing your dumbwaiter, knowing how each model functions and performs is key so you can boost efficiency and productivity in your business. These specs can help in assessing what is right for you.

Inteli-Lift Dumbwaiter | 250LB

The Inteli-Lift CPLD 250 Dumbwaiter spec sheet explores the different capabilities of our Inteli-Lift dumbwaiter unit.

This specific dumbwaiter model can withstand 250 pounds. When installing a new dumbwaiter, it is critical to know if your business or residence can house your new dumbwaiter system. The spec sheet can help inform you how your new dumbwaiter unit can be installed. The sheet also shows relevant specs like power, speed, and design so you can research what dumbwaiter is the best decision for your business.

Inteli-Lift- Dumbwaiter | 250LB Restaurant – Cab

The Inteli-Lift RST CPLD 250 dumbwaiter system is designed specifically for the restaurant industry, and the spec sheet provides an overview of this unit’s capabilities.

There are a series of factors to consider when selecting your preferred dumbwaiter model. From the cabin’s design to its speed and power, the Inteli-Lift RST CPLD 250 is a great dumbwaiter option for those in the restaurant or food industry.

Inteli-Lift Dumbwaiter | 300LB

This spec sheet provides an overlook of the Inteli-Lift CPLD 300 Dumbwaiter and lists a variety of features.

This model, designed to carry up to 300 pounds, is a durable, sturdy option for those looking for a dumbwaiter model capable of withstanding a significant amount of weight without compromising on speed. When it comes to selecting which dumbwaiter system is best for you, Elevation Innovation is dedicated to helping you make the best, most informed decision.

Inteli-Lift Dumbwaiter | 500LB

Looking for a breakdown of all our dumbwaiter models? This model of Inteli-Lift was designed to carry 500 pounds, and our spec sheet explores the capability and efficiency of this particular model.

Able to lift a large amount of weight without compromising performance, this dumbwaiter system is a great option for those looking for reliability. When it comes to a unit that is both durable and sturdy, the Inteli-Lift is the model for you.

Architectural Dumbwaiter Specifications

Here are the architectural specifications of each of our dumbwaiter models.

Inside the booklet goes over what is required to install your new dumbwaiter system, maintenance service, quality assurance, products, and manufacturers, all of which are essential in the setup of your new dumbwaiter of dumbwaiters. The team at Elevation Innovation is here to help you select the correct dumbwaiter model for your needs. Once selected, we also help gather the required materials so you can start using your new unit.

This architectural spec is specific to our Inteli-Lift dumbwaiter model and is capable of carrying up to 250 pounds.

This guide includes general installation requirements, design specifications, and submittals required for your new dumbwaiter unit to function well. 

Below are the architectural specs for the Inteli-Lift dumbwaiter model, which can withstand up to 300 pounds.

Inside are a variety of specific instructions and requirements for the proper installation of your new dumbwaiter. Products, quality assurance, and performance requirements are also mentioned in this booklet. 

These architectural specs are for the Inteli-Lift 500lb model specifically and can lift a staggering 500 pounds.

Included in the booklet are general requirements, design notes, and quality assurance so your new dumbwaiter unit can function at its best. 

These architectural specs are for the Inteli-Lift Restaurant RST model, designed for the restaurant and food industry.

This particular dumbwaiter system is capable of carrying up to 250 pounds. The guide features performance specs, general instructions for installation, and lists the required materials to ensure the performance of your new dumbwaiter system. 

Econo-Lift® Dumbwaiters

These dumbwaiter specifications sheets are for our Econo-Lift dumbwaiter models, an economical option that is efficient, fast, and reliable.

This model is capable of carrying 100 pounds and is a great option for places of residence. Included in the sheet are additional information like design specs, speed, power, and capacity, all important factors when it comes to choosing a dumbwaiter system. 

This spec sheet goes over the design and capabilities of the Econo-Lift 150 model, designed to carry 150 pounds.

It provides an overview of various design features and dimensions so you can see what makes our dumbwaiters the best choice when it comes to streamlining your life. 


We Have The Longest Warranty in the Industry. 3 Year Commercial and 5 Year Residential limited warranties. Dumbwaiters are built to last 25+ years.

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