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NEW - Inteli-Lift G3 & CPLD Solid State Relay Logic Electronic Systems

A Fully UL Rated System for the USA & Canada - UL File# SA32120

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“Introducing The Inteli-Lift G3 Third Generation Electronics “

These will be drop in replacement electronics for any Gen II system in the future

residential Dumbwaiter

Intel-Lift G3 Master Controller Board & Call / Send Station



The new Inteli-Lift G3 system is an extreme upgrade to the Gen II system.

This is being developed by seasoned electronic engineers using industry standard protocols.  The printed circuit boards have been re-built from the ground up from our full time electrical engineer Roberto Calderon.  Roberto has an impressive back ground with a Bachelors of Applied Sciences Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology in1997. He has built CPLD and microprocessor machine control systems for the US Military, Intel, Hewlett Packard and more.  The software and firmware are being created by a top industry professional with a Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering Degree.  Because he is also a professor at a major university we keep his identity confidential.


The new Inteli-Lift G3 master controller board will operate the same as the Gen II system.  The four push buttons S1, S2, S3 and S4 will easily allow you to navigate through the setting menu’s.  Because we have made so many hardware changes for the operation side, this has cut the menus and software in half.

Notable changes to the G3 platform:

  • Separate communications and power, a single RJ22 line for RS 485 half duplex communication
  • 4 / 18 gauge conductor will come out of the master to each station board and carry 24vdc and run the safety circuits
  • Safeties on each station board are now a hardware dip switch selection (not software as with the Gen II system)
  • Floor selection is now done on the station board via a rotary dial with positions 0-9, 0 will be designate “b” for basement
  • All components on the printed circuit boards have incredibly robust values for long term durability

UL Certified commercial dumbwaiter systems with LED digital floor call stations showing current floor, in use, direction of travel and arrival buzzer.  The only digital call stations for commercial dumbwaiters in the USA.



Introducing The New CPLD Solid State Relay Logic Six Stop Controls:

Here is a comparison set of pictures, first is the new three stop CPLD Controller, followed by the old school relay logic systems we will be replacing.


CPLD Solid State Relay Logic Designed for 20+ year Life Cycle

No software, the CPLD is a technology used by the military to deliver a rock solid control system using a Xilinx chip and a schematic based logic program.  These CPLD boards are designed to run for 20+ years.  Our CPLD systems (complex programmable logic device) will be a control choice on any dumbwaiter system we offerUp to six floors with a front and rear door option at each level.  This will expand the capabilities of the Econo-Lift® system up to six floors.

LED Monitored Safeties, Manual Movement & Non Interrupt Time Delay

The LED’s monitor the safety circuits of the system including doors, gates, slack cable, final limits, the VFD drive and redundant contactors BK for the motor brake system, M1 and M2 for redundant motor monitoring including phase reversal protection.  The up / down buttons are for manual movement of the dumbwaiter during installation.  You can also connect any call / send station and use level 1 button for down movement and level 2 button for up movement.  This is a temporary constant pressure run system.  You must use the “Safe Override” slide switch for this feature.  The system will not run in automatic mode in this state.  Also there is a selectable non interrupt time delay rotary switch.  This will keep the system from being called for a selectable amount of time.

Commercial 90 minute fire rated slide up and bi-parting door systems will feature” i3″ Innovation Industries Inc. Call / Send Fixtures with “In Use” and “Car Here” Lights.

 LED’s – Up/Down – Timer        Safe Circuits            Call / send Station


Our goal at Elevation Innovation is to build long lasting trouble free dumbwaiter systems.  We strive to continue to evolve our systems to be the best and most advanced in the industry.  We encourage all input from elevator contractors, field techs in particular to help produce a top rated product.  Our technical service department is there for you.  We go the extra mile when requested. We offer after hours and weekend tech support.  Please call with any questions or concerns on new or existing systems.